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Here’s How We’ve Helped Others Save Thousands

By Refinancing Their Home Loan

customer review
Danny & Danielle

Danny & Danielle

At last we have found a mortgage broker that cared enough to listen to our particular situation. Not only did BrokerCo negotiate a rate we didn’t see advertised anywhere else…but they saved us time, hassle and money throughout the entire process.

customer review
Melinda and Glen
Pacific Paradise

Melinda and Glen

I had been to my bank and spoken to another broker, both of which told me I couldn’t buy the investment property I wanted. Finally, a colleague recommended me to BrokerCo and they made my investment dreams a reality. I can’t wait to buy the next property and I cannot recommend BrokerCo highly enough.

customer review
Anthony and Sarah
Moffat Beach

Anthony and Sarah

I have bought multiple homes and have always used the services of BrokerCo. I don’t have time to sort through all the interest rates and I like benefiting from the bank contacts that BrokerCo have. It’s always been an efficient process through my broker.

customer review


My friend recommended me to BrokerCo after our interest rate changed with our bank. After refinancing we ended up saving $1322 per month and our new lower rate means we will pay our home loan off sooner. It was a terrific experience!

customer review
Tom and Mandy
Wavell Heights

Tom and Mandy

BrokerCo saved the day for my husband, my mother and I when the purchase of our new home was looking to fall through due to finance issues with another broker. We were so confused with the whole process. It was such a relief to finally sit down with a broker and get the guidance we needed and our loan approved on time. We look forward to continuing our relationship with BrokerCo long into the future. Thanks BrokerCo for making our home ownership dreams a reality. Highly recommend!

customer review
Kirsty and Andy

Kirsty and Andy

BrokerCo have helped us purchase our first home when a previous broker told us it wouldn’t be possible. Even though the bank made the process difficult our broker pushed every step of the way and made our home ownership dreams come true.

Here’s Why Anyone With A Home Loan

May Benefit From Refinancing

  • Reduce your monthly commitments and keep more money in your pocket
  • Save interest by making extra repayments
  • Reduce day to day worry about meeting all your repayments
  • Increase your cash flow so you can create a savings plan
  • Use the equity in your home to become a property investor
  • Build a share portfolio
  • Renovate your home
  • Buy a new car, boat, holiday – or anything you want!
  • Lower interest payments mean you own your home sooner
  • Direct your new savings into an offset or redraw account to reduce your loan term
  • Build a savings buffer that also saves you interest repayments
  • Build equity faster


We’ve answered the most frequently asked Questions About Refinancing

BrokerCo is an independently and locally owned company. We specialise in making sure that our customers experience financial choice, expertise and strategy.

If you have been wondering what your property is worth or if you are on the correct mortgage product for your needs please get in contact with us. Our opinion costs you nothing and we’re here to help you take advantage of low interest rates and property opportunities whilst conditions are good.

We’d also love to help your family, friends and colleagues so please refer them to us and we’ll do everything we can to help them get ahead.

Refinancing refers to the process where a home owner replaces their original home loan with a new home loan provided by a new lender, or substantially varies their current home loan with the same lender.
You may consider refinancing if you want to secure a competitive interest rate or you need to reduce your minimum monthly repayments. Our customers have told us that owning their home sooner is important to them so if you can refinance to a lower rate but keep paying at the original repayment amount you will pay your home loan off sooner.

Some of our customers refinance so that they can consolidate credit cards or personal loan commitments. For many, this can be life changing as it can provide a new-found cash buffer at the end of each month. This can either be accumulated over time as additional savings held in redraw or offset, or to reduce the amount of interest you will pay to the bank.

Refinancing can also involve accessing funds from existing equity in your home for a variety of reasons. Some of these could be purchasing an investment property, renovating, new cars, holidays, furniture etc .

The refinancing process is simple when you use BrokerCo–  we’ll do the paperwork for you and we’ll help you every step of the way!

Step 1.  Know your current loan.

To make sure refinancing is a smart step we need to explore the terms and conditions of your current loan. The most important things we need to know are your current interest rate, any fees or charges that may apply upon exiting your lender and what loan term you have left. Switching lenders can cost money so refinancing to a new loan can often save you money over the longer term but it is important to consider the costs involved in switching. From time to time banks will offer refinance rebates to help cover those costs for you. Contact BrokerCo to find out which lenders currently have rebates available.

Step 2. Choosing the right home loan.

Most of our customers are concerned about which type of home loan they should have. Some customers like certainty of repayments and some like the flexibility to pay as often and as much as they like, or maybe a bit of both.  It doesn’t matter which lender, or home loan type you currently have, we have always found it to be beneficial to explore all the options that suit your changing needs. We may even be able to restructure your loan with your current lender, or we may find that you would be better suited to a different lender, or loan type.

Step 3.  Applying for the refinance.

By the time we get to here you will have met us and we will have earnt your trust and now we are going to do business together. We are excited because we will be putting you in a better position to meet your goals! We know this by this stage because together we will have analysed your needs and agreed on a new home loan.  Now we will take care of all the paperwork necessary to submit your refinance application either to your existing bank or to the new lender.  We will put the application together in an expert manner so that we experience fast turnaround and approval. We know it can be an agonising wait, and one of our key objectives is to make it a happy process for you.

Step 4. Approval.

All that excellent work upfront has come to fruition and now your loan is approved. The bank will email us your formal approval notification and then a letter of offer will be sent to you. The bank paperwork needs to be signed by all the applicants and returned to the bank so that the new loan can be accepted.

Step 5. Documents and Settlement.

After you have returned your bank documents we will get notified that they have been returned and that you have signed them correctly. If there are issues with how they have been signed we will help you to fix them. Once we get the final go ahead from the bank they will arrange settlement with your old bank. Once its booked in we will let you know when they big day is.

Settlement happens between the two banks and then you are done! Congratulations – you’ve successfully refinanced! If we all work together the whole process should take no more than 30 days, and sometimes a lot quicker!

You know how you then don’t usually hear from your bank or previous broker ever again now they have your money? Yeah that doesn’t happen with BrokerCo. You will be delighted to know that we don’t walk away at this point.  We keep a close eye and a sharp pencil over your loan the whole time you are our customer. We’re committed to you, and will always be on hand to assist you. For us, its personal.

The motivation to refinance is not always solely about interest rates. Perhaps you have a goal in mind that your current bank won’t support you with. For most of our customers their home loan commitment is the biggest expense they have so it makes sense to ensure that you are with a bank that supports your current needs. BrokerCo would never recommend refinancing your home loan if there wasn’t a clear benefit to you in doing so.
The first question to ask is why are you considering refinancing?  There are many and varied reasons why refinancing may be the right or wrong move for you.  If you have an idea in place about why you may need to refinance BrokerCo will always offer clear and direct advice on if switching lenders will get you to your desired goals. We will never advise switching lenders if there is no positive outcome for you.

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