Mortgage Broker Information

You will often read that a mortgage broker acts as the facilitator between the borrower and the lender. And that is true, however, at BrokerCo we see it as much more than that. As specialist brokers we have access to 100’s of home loan products across many different lenders but where the real skill lies is making sure you get the right home loan for your needs and circumstances. We consider it to be our privilege to guide you through this process. Let BrokerCo do all the legwork and spend all the time negotiating with lenders for you. We think your time is better spent on the things you love. At BrokerCo it truly is mortgage broking in your best interests.

When you go direct to a bank, they can only offer you their own limited set of products and services. Currently 53% of home loan borrowers in Australia use a mortgage broker. And this trend continues to rise.

When you choose a BrokerCo mortgage specialist you have freedom, choices and security.

The freedom to select the correct loan options that suit your needs, rather than just accepting what your bank has to offer.

As a BrokerCo customer you also have the choice from 100’s of loans offered by numerous lenders all compared and analysed simultaneously for you by an experienced professional with only your interests at heart.

Our BrokerCo mortgage specialists provide you the security of being guided by qualified industry professionals. We will take the necessary time and care to present your application to the lender in the best possible way so that you have the highest chance of being approved.

Mortgage Brokers should always negotiate for you to get the best interest rate. At BrokerCo not only will we get you the best interest rate possible, we will help you structure your loan so it suits your changing needs now and into the future.

Some brokers will charge a fee for their services but BrokerCo does not. As a commission only brokerage we love to work hard to provide our clients the solution and service they require and deserve. The great news here is that the fees paid to BrokerCo are paid for by the bank and are not passed on to our clients in any way, not in an interest rate hike or in any hidden fees. No tricks, no surprises, just mortgage broking in your best interest.
Like most important decisions in life we usually ask the opinion of people we trust which is how we receive most of our referral business at BrokerCo. However, maybe you found us by accident, that’s okay we are happy that you are here. Just be sure that any mortgage broker you use is MFAA accredited and has at least credit adviser status which you can only have after 2 years experience as a broker.

If you would like to have a chat with a highly qualified BrokerCo mortgage specialist please contact us, we can’t wait to help you with your home loan hopes and dreams.